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A company that values people and environment, and is future-oriented HUMAN ENVIRONMENT FUTURE

Nice meet you all!
Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Founded in 1995 with the spirit of meeting the challengesofthe future, KEUMJUNG Co., Ltd. is making every
effort to become a leader in the fine chemical field with continuous R&D and the tirelessefforts made byits
executives and employees

By coming closer to customers, we are striving to realize the spirit of “creating customer-first value”, and are
doing our best to grow into a global company through development of overseas market and diversification of exports.

In addition, we are working hard to become a company with returning customers by satisfying customers’
needs through the highest level ofquality control and stringent adherence tothe delivery date, and are also
consolidatingour corporate philosophy in which we consider the environment and contribute to the local community.

We strive tobecome a company that meets various customer needs and grows together with customers by
devoting ourselves to creative, future-oriented research that always values people and the environment.

Thank you once again for visiting our website, and we ask for your continuous support and unsparing encouragement now and always.

Thank you.

CEOJang Hyo-dong