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Company Overview

We will become a global company leading the future chemical industry.

Founded in 1995 with the spirit of meeting the future challenges of the chemical industry, KEUMJUNG Co., Ltd.
has commercialized hardeners for unsaturated polyester resins, putty hardeners for car repairs, and hardeners
for epoxy resins through continuous investment in the development of organic peroxide technology.

Accordingly, we took the first step for a quantum leap.
Through continuous product development based on accumulated technologies and experiences,
we have succeeded in diversifying our products and developed high-functional anti-flow agents and plasticizers for
paints with world-class quality. As a result, we were able to become a professional manufacturer of key raw
materials for paints, and we have been contributing greatly to the development of the national economy
through import substitution and exports.

Based on our high-quality reputation forproducing products with consistent quality through automation of
manufacturing processes and efforts to improve quality, which have been progressing steadily since our
foundation, we established a joint company with Akzo Nobel, a global China based chemical group,
in 2003.In 2006, we succeeded in diversifying our products through merger and acquisition of a manufacturer of
additives for paints, becoming a global company leading the chemical industry of the future.

We promise to repay our customers' encouragement and support by doing our best to meet our customers'
expectations with the highest quality products now and always.