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  • 2021

    The KEUMJUNG Okcheon Plant was selected as a smart plant

    Awarded with the 7 Million Dollar Export Tower prize

  • 2019

    Introduction of the smart plant

    Upgrade of the electronic payment system

  • 2018

    Sale of the KEUMJUNG Taean Plant

  • 2016

    Established KEUMJUNG Onsan Plant

  • 2011

    Selected as a project for building greenhouse gas reduction inventory

    Achieved the ISO14000 certification

    Confirmed as a Green Management Company

  • 2010

    Established the KEUMJUNG Taean Plant

  • 2009

    The Geumjeong Ulsan Plant achieved the ISO9001 certification.

    Established the company-affiliated research center

  • 2008

    Extended HI-54K production facilities (Units 4 and 5)

    Certified as a management innovation type SME

    Awarded with the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower prize

    Selected as a KOTRA Guaranteed Brand Company

  • 2007

    Confirmed as a promising exports SME

    Confirmed as a prats and materials specialized company

    Awarded with the 3 Million Dollar Export Tower prize

  • 2006

    Established the KEUMJUNG Okcheon Plant

    The Geumjeong Okcheon Plant achieved the ISO9001 certification.

    Constructed an ERP system

    Recognized as an INNO-BIZ

  • 2005

    Extended HI-54K production facilities

    Confirmed as a venture company (technology evaluation company)

  • 2004

    Designated as a promising exports SME

  • 2003

    Selected as an excellent technology company

    Established KEUMJUNG AKZO NOBEL PEROXIDE (KANP), a joint venture in China

  • 2001

    Achieved the HI-54K new technology certification

  • 1999

    Completed KJ-9000SA and 9200SA production facilities

  • 1998

    Awarded with the 1 Million Dollar Export Tower prize

  • 1996

    Achieved new technology certificate for hardener for automobile putty (CHPO paste)

    Completed the CHPO paste production facility

    Completed the production facility for epoxy hardening accelerator (HI-54K)

  • 1995

    Established KEUMJUNG Co., Ltd.

    Increased capital by 200 million won

    Extended MEK-PO production facility